After School Clubs

Extra Curricular Activities – Autumn Term 2017


What? Who? Where? Tutor?   When? Weeks Places £ per child
Yoga Club Rec, 1 & 2 Infant Hall Windmill Yoga MONDAY 3.30-4.00 12 12 £48.00
Yoga Club Years 3 & 4 Infant Hall Windmill Yoga 4.00-4.45 12 12 £48.00
Street Dance Years 1 & 2 Main Hall Jack Stinton 3.30-4.00 12 25 £42.00
Street Dance Years 3 to 6 Main Hall Jack Stinton 4.00-4.45 12 25 £48.00
Jump Avenue Parent/Child Infant Hall Cambs County Council 5.30-6.30 12 12 FREE
Play Active Pre-School/Rec/1 Playground Premier Sport 3.30-4.30 12 15 £48.00
Tag Rugby Years 3 to 6 School Field Matt Sweeney 3.30-4.30 TBA 20 FREE
Ballet Pre-School/Rec/1 Infant Hall Bright Sparks Ballet TUESDAY 3.30-4.15 12 25 £36.00
Athletics Years 3 to 6 School Field Premier Sport 3.30-4.30 13 20 £58.50
Guitar All Discovery Suite Matthew James 3.30-4.00 13 15 £45.50
Ukulele All Discovery Suite Matthew James 4.00-4.30 13 15 £45.50
Dodgeball Parent/Child Infant Hall Premier Sport 5.30-6.30 13 TBA £58.50
Yoga Parent/Child Infant Hall Windmill Yoga 9.00-10.00 TBA TBA TBA
Gymnastics Years 1 & 2 Main Hall Amy’s Acro 3.20-4.20 12 30 £81.00
Gymnastics Years 3 to 6 Main Hall Amy’s Acro 4.20-5.20 12 30 £81.00
Banana Drama Years 3 to 6 Main Hall Banana Drama WEDNESDAY 3.15-4.15 8 25 £32.00
Chess Club All DT Room Judy Bralee (Club is 1st 3.30-4.30 3 25 FREE
Weds per month only)
French Club Years 3 to 6 TBA Madame Millard 12.45-1.15 12 15 £48.00
Cycle Courses TBA School Playground Bikeability 3.15-4.15 TBA TBA TBA
Girls Football Years 3 to 6 School Field Premier Sport 3.30-4.30 13 20 £58.50
Choir Years 3 to 6 Infant Hall Agi Peach 3.30-4.15 13 30 £13.00
Fit-trition Parents Only School Playground Premier Sport 5.30-6.30 TBA TBA TBA
Cycle Courses TBA Dragonfly Classroom Bikeability THURSDAY TBA TBA TBA TBA
Netball Club Years 3 to 6 School Playground Premier Sport 3.30-4.30 13 20 £58.50
Football Club Years 5 & 6 School Field Matt Sweeney 3.30-4.30 TBA 30 FREE
French Club Years 1 & 2 TBA Madame Millard 3.30-4.00 12 20 £48.00
Karate Club All Main Hall Nato Ficarro – call Various 13 30 £70.00
07907 892076 to book
Drumming Club Years 3 & 4 Infant Hall Agi Peach 3.30-4.10 12 20 £24.00
Drumming Club Years 5 & 6 Infant Hall Agi Peach 4.15-5.00 12 20 £24.00
Laser Tag Years 5 & 6 Infant Hall Premier Sport FRIDAY 3.30-4.30 13 10 £58.50
Rugbytots Pre-School/Rec Infant Hall Rugbytots 8.20-8.50 12 15 £60.00
Football Club Years 3 & 4 School Field Premier Sport 3.30-4.30 13 50 £58.50
Football Club Rec, 1 & 2 School Field Premier Sport 3.30-4.30 13 50 £58.50
Drumming Lessons, Brass/Woodwind Lessons & Piano Lessons – please see individual letters in the pack



If you wish to enrol in clubs for the Autumn Term, please complete an enrolment form (1 per child) and provide the relevant payments as indicated on the form.  Additional forms can be obtained from the school foyer.


  • One free club place (per term) is available to all child are in receipt of pupil premium funding
  • You will always be told immediately if a club is full and your child does not have a place.  Wherever possible we will confirm a place on a club but this is not guaranteed – if you have not heard then your child does have a place on that club.
  • Please pay for all clubs on the School Gateway – cash/cheque will not be accepted – with the exception of the clubs below.




Please book this club directly with Amy’s Acro Gymnastics by calling 07412 561240 or e-mailing 

Violin, Recorder, Ukulele, Guitar


Please note that musical instruments are not provided with these clubs – you will need to purchase or hire your own.  (For Violin Club – financial assistance may be available from Cambridgeshire Music).


Street Dance


Membership subject to payment and return of Health and Media Consent Form.


Football, Dodgeball. Fit-Trition, Girls Football, Athletics, Netball, Play Active and Laser Tag


Please book these clubs directly with Premier Sport at or call 01223 755177.


Karate Club


Please book this directly with Nato Ficarra on 07907 892076




Please use one enrolment form per child, if you require extra forms they are available in the school foyer.  Please complete the shaded areas.


Please use one enrolment form per child & complete the shaded areas

  Club Cost Pay via
CLASS:     Athletics £58.50 Premier Sport
  Ballet £36.00 Gateway
  Banana Drama £32.00 Gateway
CLUB (S) NAME     Brass & Woodwind Lessons Variable Anthony Astin
  Chess Free N/A
  Choir £13.00 Gateway
  Dodgeball (Parent/Child) £58.50 Premier Sport
  Drumming Club £24.00 Gateway
PAYMENT DETAILS   Drumming Lessons Variable Ben Piper
PAYMENT MADE £   Fit-trition (Parents only) TBA Premier Sport
  Football (5 & 6) Free N/A
  Football (R-4) £58.50 Premier Sport
I confirm that I have made payment via Gateway/Gym/CUFC/Premier/

Nato/Rugbytots        o

  French £48.00 Gateway
  Girls Football £58.50 Premier Sport
  Guitar £45.50 Gateway
  Gymnastics £81.00 Amy’s Acro
My child receives pupil premium and I would like 1 free club  o   Jump Avenue Free N/A
  Karate £70.00 Nato Ficarra
Comments:   Laser Tag £58.50 Premier Sport
  Netball £58.50 Premier Sport
  Piano Lessons £10 p.w. Gateway
  Play Active £48.00 Premier Sport
  Rugbytots £60.00 Rugbytots
  Street Dance £42/£48 Gateway
  Tag Rugby Free N/A
  Ukulele £45.50 Gateway
    Yoga (Parent/Child) TBA Gateway
    Yoga £48.00 Gateway
In order to secure your place, payment must be made.  Attendance during the Summer Term does not guarantee a place in the same club in the Autumn Term.
My child will be collected by a Parent/Carer or NAME: YES/NO
My child will attend Kids Club.  Please ensure that you liaise with Kids Club regarding this arrangement. YES/NO
My child is allowed to walk home alone YES/NO
Does your child suffer from any medical condition or take any medication which the After School Club Tutor should be aware of? YES/NO
If the answer is YES, please give details:


Mobile Emergency No: ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Please ensure that this is the same number as you have given the school office as your main point of contact for your child as it will be used in an emergency or if the club is cancelled.

Email Address: …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

This is the best means of communication for me to get in touch with parents regarding After School Clubs, please ensure I have your current email address.

Angie Cook, After School Club Co-ordinator – Tel: 01480 375103 (8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. term time onl)