Thorndown has a very strong team ethos and all staff work to provide the best possible opportunities for every individual child’s personal, academic and social development. There are a variety of roles and responsibilities within our staff team and each and every one is important for the school to work effectively.

Staff list for 2019-2020
Headteacher Miss Vicci Godbold
Deputy Headteacher Mrs Claire Gerrard
Special Needs Coordinator Mrs Amanda Fox
Teachers (Reception) Mrs Lucy Hamilton (Team Leader)
Mrs Laura Howell (Part time)
Mrs Karina Rowan
Mrs Vicky Silvester
Miss Hannah Buckby (Pre-School)
Teachers (Y1 & 2) Miss Rebecca Dunsdon (Team Leader)(Maternity Leave)
Mrs Sara Murphy (Part time)
Mrs Natalie Browne (Part time)
Miss Rachel Goulding
Miss Kate Medlow
Mrs Laura Lally (Part time)
Miss Cherish Sibanda
Miss Jenni Collins (Acting Team Leader)
Mrs Judy Bralee (Part Time)
Mrs Amy Thompson (Part time)
Teachers (Y 3 & 4) Mr Matt Sweeney (Team Leader)
Mrs Andrea Murphy
Mrs Dawn Mills (4 Days)
Mr Adrian Lemmon (Part time)
Mrs Emma Emberton (Part time)
Mrs Hannah King (Part time)
Mrs Claire Burke
Mr Liam Brook
Mrs Margaret Setchell (Part Time)
Teachers (Y5 & 6) Miss Emily Broadhurst (Team Leader)
Miss Amy Batten
Mrs Hilary Patrick
Mr John Peel
Miss Kelly Paterson
Mrs Agi Peach (Part Time)
Mrs Laurence Millard (Part Time)

The teachers and pupils are supported by a great team of teaching assistants.

  • Mrs Alison Jagger
  • Mrs Tina Proudfoot
  • Mrs Linda Allen
  • Mrs Terry Freeman
  • Mrs Lorraine Marshall
  • Mrs Michelle Monks
  • Mrs Linda Riches
  • Mrs Kathryn Robinson
  • Mrs Hayley Lawrence
  • Mrs Janine Colson
  • Mrs Gaynor Garwood
  • Mrs Anne McCarter
  • Mrs Sarah Wilkins (HLTA)
  • Mrs Fiona Sheppeard (HLTA)
  • Miss Vikki Cook
  • Mrs Helen Sirot-Smith
  • Mrs Jane Comish
  • Mrs Elizabeth Anderson
  • Mrs Nicola Dabbs (Maternity Leave)
  • Mrs Sally Farish
  • Mr Paul Silver
  • Mrs Timandra Mahmood
  • Mrs Caroline Monkman
  • Miss Clair Masterson
  • Mrs Raman Wedvel
  • Mrs Kara Wells
  • Mrs Claire Bennett
  • Mrs Arthy Sutharshan
  • Miss Teresa Kwiatkowska
Administrative Team
School Secretary Mrs Angie Cook
Business Manager Mrs Helen Cooper
Admin Assistant Mrs Jayne Gilson
Admin Assistant Mrs Jenn Dover
Family Worker Mrs Sara Harris
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Kathryn Robinson
Mrs Valerie Maxwell
Mrs Michelle Monks
Mrs Carol Thorndike
Mrs Sylvia Norman
Mrs Shahada Bibi
Mrs Becky Wilkes
Mrs Ann McCarter
Miss Michelle Meadows
Mrs Nazma Bibi
Mrs Smena Asghar
Miss Danielle Lockey
Miss Clair Masterson
Mrs Mandy Hall
Mrs Rebecca Pendell
Caretaker  Mr Peter Barnard
Cleaning Staff Mrs Sarah Clarke
Mrs Wendy Hopkin
Miss Danielle Lockey
Mrs Monica Borowska
Mrs Sadia Nazeem
Miss Priscilla BanyardMrs Michelle Reynolds
Catering Staff (Lunchtime UK)
Thorndown Pre-School Mrs Lucy Hamilton (Early Years Team Leader)
Mrs Hannah Buckby (Part time) Teacher
Mrs Becky Smith
Mrs Claire Murat
Mrs Sarah Tucker
Miss Emma Stanley
Mrs Michelle Reynolds
Mrs Lisa Johnson
Mrs Eleanor Martin
Mrs Amanda Prior
Out of School Club Miss Vikki Cook (Manager)
Mrs Jayne Gilson
Mrs Lorraine Marshall
Mrs Val Maxwell
Mrs Nazma Bibi
Mrs Raman Wedvel