Class Teacher Introduction (September 2020)

Welcome to your new class

Due to the restrictions in place during this period of Covid 19, we have been unable to undertake our usual ‘moving up’ day, when you would have spent time with your new class teacher.

Instead, the teachers have produced a video to introduce themselves and show you your new classroom. We hope that you enjoy watching them.

Class Teacher
Hummingbird 1 Pre-School

Hummingbird Class

Bumblebee Reception

Bumblebee Class

Mrs Hamilton and Mrs Howell

Otter Reception

Otter Class

Mrs Silvester

Kangaroo Reception

Kangaroo Class

Miss Buckby and Mrs King

 camel  Year 1

Camel Class

Miss Goulding

 Owl  Year 1

Owl Class

Mrs Murphy and Mrs Scarrow

 Puffin  Year 1

Puffin Class

Mrs Emberton

 Bat  Year 2

Bat Class

Mrs Dunsdon and Mrs Lally

 Panther  Year 2

Panther Class

Miss Sibanda

 Parent and child of ring tailed lemur  Year 2

Ringtailed Lemur Class

Miss Colins

 Badger Year 3

Badger Class

Mrs Murphy

 Meerkat Year 3

Meeerkat Class

Mrs Mills and Mrs Bralee

 Swift Year 3

Swift Class

Miss Dixon

 Giraffe Year 4

Giraffe Class

Miss Medlow

 vector illustration of cute hyena cartoon posing look at camera Year 4

Hyena Class

Mr Sweeney and Mr Lemmon

 Penguin Year 4

Penguin Class

Mr Brook

 Chameleon Year 5

Chameleon Class

Mrs Burke

 Cartoon animals for kids. Cute jaguar lays and smiles. Year 5

Jaguar Class

Miss Brown

 Pelican Year 5

Pelican Class

Mrs Patrick

 large male lion walking clipart Year 6

Lion Class

Mr Peel

 Toucan Year 6

Toucan Class

Miss Broadhurst

 Turtle Year 6

Turtle Class

Miss Paterson