Art Curriculum Enrichment

Cows About Cambridge

Thorndown Primary School took part in this collaborative event. Not only did children across all ages of the school get a chance to design and paint our cow but also, we were able to take a group of children on the cow trail in Cambridge. This gave lots of children, who would not have these sorts of opportunities, a chance to experience something different. Now our mini moo is back in school – but keeps ‘mooving’ around. Will you be able to spot her?


Inspire 2020

Years 5 and 6 thoroughly enjoyed being part of this collaborative event with the Fitzwilliam Museum. We were invited to take inspiration from a painting that they have in the museum – Cupid and Psyche by Jacopo del Sellaio. We discovered that this piece of art was part of a piece of furniture at one time and told a story. The Year 5 work you can see in the pictures below shows their story; using the ideas of flight and freedom, on pieces of furniture, which could be used if you needed to move form one place to another – like a refugee. The Year 6’s explored themes of moving on; seeing links in the picture to life changes, similar to their own as they were about to make the transition to secondary school.

Learning about the art work



We are all very proud of our winners of CAYAC – Cambridgeshire Young Artists 2020