Year 5 and 6

ThorndownWelcome to Year 5 & 6 at Thorndown! 

Year 5 & 6 are inspiring yet busy years, packed full of new opportunities to excel both in and out of the classroom. Years 5 & 6 will whizz by and before you know it, we will be proudly sending you on your way to your next adventure – secondary school. The Year 5 & 6 team firmly believe the more you put into these last two years at Thorndown, the more you will get back from them.


Goodbye to our Year 6 leavers  July 2020


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Staff in Year 5 & 6

Your Learning Expectations Other Important Things Autumn Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Links & Resources – Year 5 & 6

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Spelling Activities

Year 5 & 6 Spelling List

Year 5 & 6 Top Book Picks


Links & Resources – Year 5

Year 5 Writing Non-Negotiables


Year 5 Autumn Topic Web (Britain and The Great War)

Year 5 Autumn Knowledge Organiser (Britain and The Great War)


Year 5 Spring Topic Web (Scandinavia)

Year 5 Spring Knowledge Organiser Term 1 (Scandinavia)

Year 5 Spring Knowledge Organiser Term 2 (Scandinavia)


Year 5 Summer Topic Web (The Breadwinner) COMING SOON

Year 5 Summer Knowledge Organiser (The Breadwinner) COMING SOON


Links & Resources – Year 6

Year 6 Writing Non-Negotiables


Year 6 Autumn Topic Web (Medieval Britain)

Year 6 Autumn Knowledge Organiser (Medieval Britain)


Year 6 Spring Topic Web (Extreme Earth)

Year 6 Spring Knowledge Organiser (Extreme Earth)


Year 6 Summer Topic Web (Ancient Greece) COMING SOON

Year 6 Summer Knowledge Organiser (Ancient Greece) COMING SOON