Online Payments

Payments are required to be made to school from time to time. These could include payments for lunches,  trips and after school clubs.

To help reduce the admin costs to the school of collecting, collating and banking money and improve the security within the school, we are actively encouraging payments to be made online, using a debit or credit card, through the ‘School Gateway’. Cash will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances.

You will require an email address and a current mobile phone. Both need to be known by the school. The payments are secure and a PIN number will be issued to you when you register. For more guidance on how to register please click HERE.

This method of payment provides parents with convenience and avoids queues in the school office. It also removes the need for children to personally bring into school large sums of money and removes the possibility of money going astray.

Lunch money can be paid in advance and can be accounted for using the School Gateway payment screens.

To access the School Gateway please click HERE. Please contact the school office should you experience any difficulties with registering.