Year 1 & 2

Hello and welcome to the Year 1 & 2 page!

We are very proud of the learning opportunities we offer the children in key stage one and think we have created a range of topics which appeal to lots of different children’s interests. We aim to incorporate play based learning to continue the great start that children have in EYFS at Thorndown.



Here is the Powerpoint from our recent ‘New to Year One’ Parents Meeting:

Year 1 Parents Information Evening PPT

Our Team

Year One

Miss Goulding and Mrs Bralee teach in Camel class.

Miss Goulding enjoys swimming, spending time with her family and camping.

Mrs Bralee enjoys looking after her cats, helping people in the local community and travelling around the world.

Miss Strachan teaches in Elephant class.

Miss Strachan loves PE particularly outdoor adventurous activities like rock climbing. Her favourite colour is green.

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Year Two

Mrs Lally and Mrs Dunsdon teach in Bat class.

Mrs Lally loves books and her favourite story is ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. She also loves being creative with words in English lessons.

Mrs Dunsdon loves running, going on holiday and trying new foods.

Mrs Browne and Mrs O’Toole teach in Owl class.

Mrs Browne loves picture books and brings lots of exciting titles into school.

Mrs O’Toole likes to go for long walks and visit new places with her family.  She loves to be outside in her garden and enjoys going to London to see ballets and musicals.

Mrs Emberton teaches in Puffin class. 

Mrs Emberton loves walking her dog, Harley, with her family. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles and dancing in her kitchen!


Useful resources

Year 1 Writing Checklist

Year 2 Writing Checklist

Year 1 Word List

Sound Families

Year 2 Word List

Number Sense games

Number Sense and Fluency Open Classroom Presentation notes



Useful links

Phonics and Reading

Please take a look on the reading tab to see how phonics and reading is taught at Thorndown.

Mrs Dunsdon has made a series of reading videos to offer some top tips about reading at home. They can be found here:




Our Curriculum

Please click on the links below to see a breakdown of our exciting topics:

Year One 

Year 1- Autumn A and B- Let’s Play 2023-24

Year 1- Spring A- Wings, Fins, Feathers, Tails

Year 1_Spring B- Off We Go Travelling

Year 1- Summer A- Grow, Grow, Grow

Year 1- Summer B- Little Lords and ladies


Year Two

Year 2- Autumn A- What a wonderful world 2023-24

Year 2- Autumn B- Kings and Queens 

Year 2- Spring A and B- London’s Burning

Year 2- Summer A- Explorers

Year 2- Summer B- Inside Out