Year 1 and 2

Hello and welcome to the Year 1 and 2 page!

We are very proud of the learning opportunities we offer the children in key stage one and think we have created a range of topics which appeal to lots of different children’s interests. We aim to incorporate play based learning to continue the great start that children have in EYFS at Thorndown.

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Our newsletters

Please have a look at our most recent newsletters to find out more about what’s been going on in Key Stage One:

Key Stage One Newsletter- Spring A 2020

Key Stage One Newsletter- Spring B 2020

Key Stage One Newsletter- Autumn A 2020

Our Team. 

Mrs Browne is in the Key Stage One team. She is on maternity leave at the moment.

Year One.

Mrs Murphy and Mrs Scarrow teach in Owls class.

Mrs Murphy adores animals, singing and art.

Mrs Scarrow loves playing sport and reading stories using lots of different voices.

Mrs Monks works in Owls classroom too.

Mrs Monks loves reading, listening to music and phonics games.


Mrs Emberton teaches in Puffins class. 

Mrs Emberton loves walking her dog, Harley, with her family. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles and dancing in her kitchen!

Mrs Pendell works in Puffins classroom too.

Mrs Pendell loves singing and playing the piano. She also loves the outdoors and walking her dog, Milo.


Miss Goulding teaches in Camels class.

Miss Goulding enjoys art and singing. Her favourite children’s book is ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy.

Mrs Garwood works in Camels classroom too.

Mrs Garwood has been working at Thorndown School since 2001! Mrs Garwood enjoys maths, phonics and hearing many readers.

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Year Two. 

Mrs Lally and Mrs Dunsdon teach in Bats class.

Mrs Lally loves books and her favourite story is ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ by Judith Kerr. She also loves being creative with words in English lessons.

Mrs Dunsdon enjoys teaching art. Mrs Dunsdon loves spending time outdoors and going on holiday to new places.

Miss Sibanda and Miss Wilson teach in Panthers class.

Miss Sibanda loves sharing a story with her class. She also likes keeping active by playing football and going for runs when the weather is nice!

Miss Wilson likes to go exploring in woodland and forest areas. She loves a nice chocolate with her cup of tea!

Miss Collins teaches in Lemurs class.

Miss Collins enjoys reading in the sunshine and making her own clothes. She also likes exploring the countryside and going on adventures.


Useful resources

Y1 – Writing non-negotiables

Y2 – Writing non-negotiables 

Common Exception Words Years 1 and 2 Word Mat

Number Sense games

Useful links

Phonics and Reading




Our Curriculum

Please click on the links below to see a breakdown of our exciting topics:

Year One 

Year 1- Autumn A and B- Let’s Play 2020

Year 1- Spring A- Wings, fins, feathers and tails

Year 1- Spring B- Off we go travelling

Year 1- Summer A- Grow, Grow, Grow

Year 1- Summer B- Little Lords and ladies

Year Two

Year 2- Autumn A- What A Wonderful World

Year 2- Autumn B- Kings and Queens

Year 2- Spring A and B- London’s Burning

Year 2- Summer A and B- Great Explorers


Knowledge Organisers

During the school break preceding a new topic we send home a list of key information for children to explore together with their families. This pre-learning is a great way for children to talk about their learning at home.

Here are our knowledge organisers:

Year One .

Year 1- Autumn- Let’s Play Knowledge Organiser

Year 1- Spring A- Wings, fins, feathers and tails Knowledge Organiser

Year 1- Spring B- Off we go travelling Knowledge Organiser

Year 1- Grow, Grow, Grow Knowledge Organiser COMING SOON. 

Year 1- Little lords and ladies Knowledge Organiser COMING SOON. 

Year Two

Year 2- Autumn- What A Wonderful World Knowledge Organiser

Year 2- Summer- Kings and Queens Knowledge Organiser

Year 2- Spring- London’s Burning Knowledge Organiser

Year 2- Summer- Great Explorers Knowledge Organiser

Year 2- Summer- Science – Plants and Animals Including Humans Knowledge Organiser