Maths Eyes

How does Maths Eyes work?

Maths Eyes is about children looking at images of everyday life and finding the maths in them. The children are usually very good at seeing things that adults haven’t thought of!

Each week, every class in the school is given the same photo. They pose maths questions about it and, if time, have a go at solving some of them. The questions posed and language used will be guided and developed by the teacher to reflect the age and ability of the children. In preparation for assembly on Friday, each class brings a poster with their questions to the hall, ready for judging. One class from each Key Stage is then awarded the Maths Eyes Glasses to display in their classroom for the week.

Picture of the week How much Maths can you Maths eyes Logosee?
Spring 2 - puzzle 24 January 2020
Spring 1 - Lots of locks! 10 January 2020
Week 7- Hyenas' Christmas Tree 09 December 2019
Week 6- Martha's Cuisenaire Sculpture 27 November 2019
Week 5 - Pumpkins 15 November 2019
Week 4 - Pencils! 18 October 2019
Week 3 - Breakfast doughnuts and other tasty treats! 8 October 2019
Week 2- Dinosaurs' visit to the beach!  20 September 2019
 Week 1 6 September 2019
Week 4 - Fun Run 1 July 2019
Week 1- Lambs 3 May 2019
Week 7 -Easter chicks 4 April 2019

Happy Easter

Week 7 -Easter eggs 4 April 2019
 KODAK Digital Still Camera  21 March 2019
Week 5 - Lost Words - Conker 7 March 2019
Week 4- The Dinosaur in Owl Class! 1st February 2019

The Dinosaur in Owl Class!

What can you see with your Maths Eyes?

Week 3 - Barbara Hepworth Sculpture 25th January 2019

Barbara Hepworth Sculpture

Week 2 - Breakfast at the B & B! 18th January 2019

‘Breakfast at the B&B’

A good one for multiplication and division this week!

Week 1 - R2D2 Spring Term

11th January 2019


Thanks to Miss Godbold!

Week 14 - Santa's Grotto 14th December 2018

Santa’s Grotto

Week 13 - The man with the extraordinarily long legs! 7th December 2018

The Man with the Extraordinarily long legs!

Week 12 -Mr Brook's Cats 30th November 2018

Maths Eyes and Cats’ Eyes

Thanks to Mr. Brook

 Week 11 -The Zoo! 23rd November 2018

The Zoo

Thanks to Lunch Club

Week 10 -Ceiling from Peterborough Cathedral 16th November 2018

Ceiling from Peterborough Cathedral

Week 8 - Camels' Numberblocks 2nd November 2018

Thanks to Camel Class!

 Week 7 - Ceiling from Hohensalzberg Fortress 19th October 2018

Ceiling from the Hohensalzburg Fortress, Salzburg

Week 5 - The making of our magnificent trophies! 5th October 2018
Week 4 - Fruit in Madeira 28 September 2018 (Owl Class – Year 1)

Which basket has the greatest number of fruit?

How far did the fruit travel?

Which basket is the heaviest?


Week 3- Mathematical Door 21 September 2018 (Leopard – Year 6)

It’s Christmas! We want to put lights all around the windows. If the perimeter of a large door is 1.5m and the perimeter of a small window in 0.75m, how long does the string of lights need to be?

Week 2 - Toytown 14 September2018 (Lions – Year 5)

If it took 1/2 hour to build 1/4 of the town, how long did it take to build the whole town?

If one truck has 8 wheels on it, how many wheels do 59 trucks have?

Week 1.2 7 September 2018

This week, Camel Class in Year 1 did lots of noticing with their Maths Eyes.

I can make 5 different types of food

The jam pots are cylinders.

The jam pots can stack because they have flat surfaces.

The box is an open cuboid. It has 5 flat surfaces

Week 1.1
Week 10 - Scarecrows 6 July 2018
Week 9 - Lucas's Shape City 22 June 2018
Week 8 - Twickenham Attendance 15 June 2018
Week 7- Hedgehogs 8 June 2018
Week 6- Josh and Kaya's Freddo 2000 Machine 25 May 2018
Week 5- Height challenge 18 May 2018
Week 4 - Charlie's dinosaur 11 May 2018
Week 3 - Owls' sculpture 4 May 2018
Week 1 - Martha's trophies 20 April 2018  (Meerkats Class)

If there were 36 trophies and I lost 26. How many would be left?

There were 429 blue trophies and I bought 245 red trophies. How many trophies would I have?

Week 9 - Robins' Zoo 23 March 2018
Week 8 - Finley and Harry's sculpture of London 16 March 2018
Week 7- Sammy, Jacob and Kieran's sculpture 9 March 2018 (Key Stage 2)

If it took 12 hours to build half of the sculpture, how long would it take to finish it?

If each block was worth £9 and there were 28 bricks, how much would the sculpture be worth?

If there were 362 pieces and they had to build a house four times as large, how many pieces would they use?

KODAK Digital Still Camera 2 March 2018 (Pelican Class)

There are 6 cows and thee had 5 claves each. How many claves were born altogether?

If one cow produced 4 litres of milk, how many litres would all the cows produce?

Week 5- Leopards' Sculpture 23 February 2018 (Panther Class)

If the bridge was 10cm long and I had 12 bridges, how long would that be?

If there were 105 bricks and I divided them in to 5 piles, how many bricks would be in each pile?

 Week 4 - William's Robots 2 February 2018 (Gorilla Class)

If each model took 2 hours to build, how many days would it take to build 60 models?

if each lego model had 900,00 pieces, how many pieces have been used?

Week 3 - Egyptian Wall Hanging 26 January 2018 (Dolphins Class)

What shape is the quilt?

If there were 26 hieroglyphs, how many would there be on 2 quilts?

How many hours did it take to make?

Week 2 - Violins 19 January 2018 (Key Stage 2)

If the smaller violin had a volume of 37 decibels and the largest violin is 13 times louder, how loud would that be?

A normal sized violin is 40cm long and you would need 8 to be the size of a double base. So, how tall is the double base?

Week 11- Panthers' game 12 January 2018 (Owl Class)

How tall is the model?

How many counters are there?

How much do the counters weigh?

Week 10 - Mrs Fox's Beagle puppies 8 December 2017
Week 9 - Christmas Postbox 1 December 2017

On Monday, 12 cards were sent. On Tuesday, 23 more cards were sent than on Monday. Over the two days, how many cards were sent altogether?

If there were 839 cards in the postbox and Ruby posted 262 more cards, when Year 6 were giving them out, they lost 199. How many cards were delivered?

Week 8 - Titanic 24 November 2017

Well done to Bats class, who found out the length and weight of the real Titanic!

KODAK Digital Still Camera 17 November 2017 (Year 2)

If it took 5 minutes to pick a bowl of apples, how long would it take to pick 2 bowls?
If we need 100 grams of flour to make 1/2 an apple pie, how much flour do we need to make one whole apple pie?

Week 6 - Badgers' Reading Villa 10 November 2017

If I had 30flags, but only needed 25, how many would I have left?

If I had 300 pieces of wood and I added 600 more, how many would I have?

If I had 186 planks of wood and lost 14, how many would I have?

Week 5- Snowmen 3 November 2017 (Dolphins Class)

What is the sum of the buttons?
If you had 12 buttons and divided them in to 3 groups, how many buttons would be in each group?

Week 4- Counting Dice 20 October 2017 (Year 1)

There were 8 dice altogether and 2 got lost. How many are left?

How many groups of 5 dice can you see?

What shape are the dice?


Week 3 - Allotment prize giving 13 October 2017 (Badgers Class)

If I had 10 conveyor belts and each had 5 pumpkins on it, how many pumpkins would there be altogether?

If there were 15 cabbages and I split them in to quarters, how many quarters would there be?

 Week 2- Outside EY  6 October 2017 ( Dolphin Class)

How many logs were used to build the train?

If I take away the 2 red pencils, how many are left?

Week 1- Gingerbread men 02 October 2017 (Camel Class)
How many buttons are there?
If I group the gingerbread men in to 3, how many groups would I have?
If Mrs Sheppeard ate 5 of the gingerbread men, how many would be left?
Week 11 - Year 4 sporting fun 7 July 2017
Wk 10 the Race 30 June 2017
Audley end 16 June 2017
Connie's homework 9 June 2017
Week 5- Ladybird game 19 May 2017
Week 4 - Tyres 12 May 2017
Week 3 - Meerkats explore fractions! 5 May 2017 (Meerkats explore fractions)
Week 1 - Laying the safe surface! 21 April 2017
Week 11 - Amelia's Castle 24 March 2017
Week 10- Giraffes' Shape Sculpture 17 March 2017
Week 8- Demi's steps! 3 March 2017
Week 7- Thorndown's New Arrival 24 February 2017
Week 6 - Kids' Club's garden 10 February 2017
Week 5 - Christmas chocs 3 February 2017
Week 3 - Mrs Fox's bird feeder 20 January 2017
Joshuas's model 13 January 2017
 Week 1 - Riley's cars 6 January 2017
Week 14 - Father Christmas 9 December 2016
Week 13 - Chinese dumplings 2 December 2016
Week 12- Walsingham Abbey remains. 25 November 2016
Week 11 - Thorndown's Forest 18 November 2016
 Week 10 - Jonah's Fungi 11 November 2016
 Week 9 - Rebecca's music 4 November 206
Week 8 - Tamarine's Mathematical Bridge 21 October 2016
Week 7 - Jamie's Hens 14 October 2016 (Meerkats – Year 2)

If I had 30 chickens and brought home 8 more, how many would I have?

If each chicken laid 2 eggs, how many eggs would there be?

Week 6- Sunflowers 7 October 2016 (Chameleon Class – Y1)

How many seeds are there?

If a bird ate 16 seeds how many would be left?

How tall can the sunflower grow?

Week 5 - Conkers 30 September 2016

If there are 50 conkers and 10 of them are shiny, what percentage would this be?

If you has a game of conkers, and half the conkers broke, how many would be left?

Week 4 - River 23 September 2016 (Pelican Class)

If there were 2 ducks and a quarter of them flew away. How many would be left?

If there were 200 ducks and 53 went to find food, how many will be left?

How many feet are there?

Week 3 - Blocks 16 September 2016 (Eagle Class, Year 1)

How many bricks are there?

How tall are the bricks?
How tall would the bricks be if you stacked them on top of each other?
How long did it take to set up?

Week 2 - Harry's marrow 12 September 2016 (Giraffe Class, Year 1)

How heavy is it?
What shape is it?
What could we use to measure it?

Week 1 - Wedding Cake 5 September 2016
If each cake took two hours to make, how long would it take to make 8 cakes?
What fractions of the flags are pink?
If the circumference of the bottom layer of the cake was 58cm and the circumference of the layers decreased by 2cm each layer it went up and there were 28 layers, what would the circumference of the top layer be? James P thinks the answer to his question is 2cm. Is he right?
 Cans 8 July 2016

If every child at the school disco(410)  took 10 minutes to drink a can of coke. How long would it take to drink all the coke?


Hotel 24 June 2016

If it took 3 hours to build, and each brick took 2 minutes to place. How many bricks would there be?

Viking Ship 17 June 2016 (Badgers Class)

How many different colours are there?

How tall is the mast?

How long is the ship?

Model 10 June 2016

There are 25 beads on the string. If 20% of the beads are blue, how many is this?

Estimate how many beads there would be if there were 15 strings of beads.

Fruit 20 May 2016 (Bats Class)

If I had 200 apples and I wanted to find a fifth, how many would this be?

If there are 36 pieces of fruit shared between 2 people. How many would they have each?

Watches 13 May 2016

If you multiplied the number of red watches by the number of white watches, how many would you have?
If the first watch was at 12 o’clock, and the others were each 20 minutes later than the one before. What would the final time be?

Rocket Plants 6 May 2016

If each Rocket planted produced 125 seeds and there are 15 plants. How many seeds would we have?


Lollies 29 April 2016
If there were 522 lollies in 1 pot and there are 34 pots. How many lollies would you have all together?
 Football Crowd  22 April 2016If Liverpool had 960 flags and their were 800 800 flags. How many would there be in total?
If 320 people needed some water and each cup held 155ml. How much water would you need?
Skirts 15 April 2016 (Bat Class)
If I have 21 kilts and 1/3 are blue, how many are other colours?
There were 22 kilts on the wall, but 14 fell off. How many are left?
If there were 100 kilts, how many are there in 1/4?
Mini beaswt 24 March 2016 (Lions Class)
If Adam owned 306 bugs and Alfie had 302, how many bugs are there altogether?
If it took 7 minutes to paint 4 bugs, how long would it take to paint 60?
If a bug flew 3/4 of a mile and another flew 5 times further, how far did the second bug fly?
Cacti 18 March 2016

If we planted 1 cactus per square mile of desert. How many square miles would there be if we planted them all?

If each plant had 250 prickles how many prickles would there be altogether?

 Coke 11 March 2016 (Rabbits Class)
If I had 2 lemons and I split them in half, how many lemon pieces would there be?
If there were 5 ice cubes in the glass and I added 8, how many would I have?
On aroll 25 February 2016 (Owl Class)
If I add every number on a dice what would the total be?
If I had 700 dice and 1 halve it, how many would I have?
If I had 100 dice and I subtracted 16, how many would I have left?
O2 Arena 12 February 2016 (Eagles Class)
If there were 1000 chairs and I took away 333, how many chairs would be left?
If there were 6000 seats and Thorndown took up 1/4 of them, how many seats would be left?
Melons 5 February 2016 (Pelican Class)

If I had 16 quarters. How many wholes would I have?If one slice of melon weighed 29 grams and there were 19 slices. How heavy would they be?
If you cut a water melon in half and then took away 1/3, how much would be left?

ContainerThis container arrived with trees for the garden. 29 January 2016

If there were 12 trees in the lorry and I took away 54 and times the answer by 5. How many trees would be left?
Estimate how many trees would fit inside?
If there were 9 containers full of trees, how many vertices would there be?

Hair 22 January 2016

If you multiplied the number of blue beads and the number of white beads. How many would you have?

If it took 1.5 hours to do all the plaits, how long would it take to do 1?

phone 15 January 2016
If you added up all the numbers on the phone. What would the total be?
Connect 4 8 January 2016
There are 42 holes, 1/3 of them have rings in. How many rings are in the board?
If it took 7 minutes for 1 game, how many games could you play in 24 hours?
Soyuz rocket 18 December 2015 (Otter class)
How much does a rocket weigh?
How far could the rocket travel with 4l of fuel?
Can you estimate how many nuts and bolts they used to build the rocket?
Decoration 11 December 2015How many sticks would you need to make 10 Christmas decorations?
 Xmas Tree  4th December 2015
If it costs £0.97 per light and there are 57 lights. How much would it cost for all the lights on the tree?
How many degrees does the tree need to turn for it to be the right way up?
If there were 300 trees with 200 lights each. How many lights would there be altogether?
Bat Class 27 November 2015 (Bat Class)
How many bead strings are there?If 20 Numicon pieces are used for each arm, how many are there in both arms?How many 10s pieces make his legs. How many Numicon holes is that?
Biscuits 20 November 2015
How many cookies are there?How hot was the oven?How long would it take Mrs Fox to eat them?
Lollipops 12 November (Owl Class)
If I had 20 lollipops and I ate 3/4 of them, how many would be left? Daisy, age 5, said -“I know half of 20 is 10 and half of 10 is 5 so I added 10 and 5 and subtracted from 20″If I had 100 sweets and I multiply them by 2, how many would I have?
Roman Soldiers 5 November 2015 (Pelican Class)
How many soldiers are there?How many hemispheres can you see?
What fraction of the shields is in the front row?How many shields are horizontal?
Roman Villa 23 October 2015 (Gorillas Class)
If it took 16 days to build 4 houses, how many days would it take to build 9 houses?
If it took 75 sticks for 1/4 of the roof. How many sticks would be needed for the whole roof?If I had 122 sticks and took away 100. How many would I have left?
Apples 16 October 2015 (Eagles Class)
If there are 6 apples in 2 boxes. How many are in 4 boxes?
If there were 3297 apples and you picked another 2983. How many apples would you have all together?
Clocks 9 October 2015 (Rabbit Class)
If one clock said 12.15 and one said 1.45 what would the difference be?How many clocks are there?
Year 5 & 6 20 October 2015 (Hyenas)
For every 6 girls there are 2 boys, there are 120 pupils all together. What is the ratio?If there are 7 boys for every girl and 28 girls in total, how many boys are there?
Desk Tidy 25 September 2015 (Bats Class)
If I had 10 scissors and took away 4. How many would I be left with?
If I had 10 scissors and added 5 pens. How many things would I have?
If I multiplied the number of scissors by the number of glue sticks. How many would I have?
Balls 18 September 2015 (Owl Class)
If I had 7 balls and doubled them. How many would I have?
If I put all the balls in a line and measured them. How long would the line be?If I numbered the balls 1 – 7. How many would have odd numbers and how many would have even numbers?
Houses 11 September 2015Multiply the number of leaves by the number of branches.How many rectangles can you see?
Pumpkin 4 September 2015How many pumpkins are there?If there are 4 pumpkins in the picture, and that is 1/4 of the patch. How many pumpkins altogether?If I cut 1 pumpkin in to 15 pieces. How many pieces would I have, if I had 5 pumpkins?
Stacking Cups 10 July 2015 (Otters Class)
If half the tower was knocked down, how many cups would be left?
If each cup held 100ml of water, how much water would they all hold?
If you had 150 cups, how many towers could you build?
Sack Race 3 July 2015 (Zebra Class)
If everyone jumped 40cm and there were 8 people, how far would they jump in total?
Estimate the capacity of the bag.
If you jumped 40cm in one jump and the field is 20 meters, how many jumps would it take to get from end to the other?
Go Flo 26 June 2015 (Red Pandas Class)
Multiply the number of people watching by the number of red hurdles.
Courgettes 12 June 2015If we multiplied the plants by 10, how many would we have?
If I had 10 plants and took 4 away. How many would I have?How can you measure how many cm tall the tallest plant is? (measure the shadow)
Chairs 5 June 2015 (Reception Class)
If I add 3 more chairs, how many would there be?
How many chairs are there altogether?
If I add 2 more stacks, how many chairs would there be?
Bingo Card 22 May 2015 (Gorilla Class)If I added up all the highlighted numbers, what would the total be?
How many squares can you see (remember 4 little squares make 1 bigger one)?
If I added up all the numbers in the white blocks and multiplied them together, what would be the answer?
Learning Street 15th May 2015 (Badger Class)
How many people could fit in all the seats?
How many 3D shapes can you see?
How many parallel lines are there?
How many lines are symmetry can you see?
Outsie 8 May 2015 (Mole Class)
How long is the path?
If I had 20 plants in each container. how many would there be?
what is the total length of the fencing?
 Dashboard 24 April 2015 (Lion Class questions)
How long would it take to drive 40 miles?What is the circumference of 1 Circle?
If I multiply the travel time by 32, how long would I have been travelling?
What would the dial look like if it was in roman numerals?
Maths Eyes  17 April 2015 (Eagle Class questions)
How many people could have a sticker?
How many stickers have been used already?
If I had 11 stickers and I doubled them how many would I have?How many spaces would there be if we had 3 sheets of stickers?
Maths eyes  20 March 2015 (Otters Class questions)
How many odd and even numbers are on the clock?If you add all the numbers together what would be the total?
What is the difference between the time we start school (8.50am) and when we finish (3.15pm)?
Bead Run 13 March 2015
Thanks to Antelope Class for the questions
If the all the beads represented two then how many beads would I have?
If you put the number of beads in to piles of 8. How many piles would I have?
If there are 18 beads altogether and I took away 21. How many would I have?
Smarties 6 March 2015 (Thanks to Owl Class for the questions)
If I multiplied the number of smarties by 6 how many would I have?
If I add the number of pink and green smarties how many would I have?
How many would I have if I took away the orange, yellow and green smarties?
Maths Eyes 27 February 2015
Thanks to Mole Class for the questions
How many times could I climb the ladder in one minute?
If I sit on a ring, how many are left for my friends?If I cut the circles in half how many half circles would there be?
Maths Eyes 13 February 2015
Thanks to Badgers class for the questions
If I had 88 books and I subtract 33, how many would be left?
What is 1/4 of these books?If the books cost £3 each and we had £100 to spend. How many could we buy?
Maths Eyes 6 February 2015
Thanks to Lemurs Class for the questions
If I add the number of days in the 3 months shown how many days would that be?
If my birthday is on 23 February and it is now 12 February how many days would I have to wait for my birthday?
Bottles 23 January 2015
Thank you to Dormouse class for the questions.
How many bottles are a matching pair?
There are 18 bottles in the box, how many will there be if we subtract the green bottles?How many black and blue bottles are there altogether?
Chocolates 16 January 2015  (questions from Hedgehog class)How many oval sweets are there?If Lucas ate 2 sweets, how many would be left?How many red ones are there?If we added 100, how many would there be?
Playground Maths Eyes 12 January 2015 (questions from Year 1/2)
How many children could you fit in the playground?How many shoes are there altogether?
How many children are wearing coats?
If we cut the playground in to five lots how many children would be in each part?
5 December 2014 (questions from Year 1 / 2)
If there were 10 people how much cake would each person get?
If we had 10 plates of cakes how many cakes would there be?
How many cherries are there?
If I cut each cake in half how many bits of cake would I have?
   28 November 2014 (questions from Red Pandas)If we had 24 tables and 25% broke, how many would be left?Each table has 22 chairs. 457 children need to eat at lunchtime. How many tables will the dinner ladies need to put out?If it takes 11.5 seconds to clean 1 table, 46.8 seconds to put away 2 tables then how long will it take to put away and clean 5 tables?
21 November 2014
Thank you to Gorilla Class for their questions
If the mats cost £25. How many could I buy with £500?
Estimate how much all the equipment would cost.If I had 132 hoops. 3 children each took 7 hoops. How many would I have left?
If a trampoline costs £28.18. How much change would I get from £40?
 Maths Eyes 14 November 2014  14 November 2014
Thank you to Red Pandas for their questions.If a digger used 4 litres of fuel every 6 hours and worked for 18 hours. How much fuel would it use?
If we had to hire 7 diggers at a cost of £43 per hour and we need them for 12 hours. How much would it cost?
A digger weighs 3270kg. How much would 3 diggers weigh?
The playground is an oblong, the length is 30m and the width is 14.5m. What is the perimeter and area of the playground?
 Maths Eyes 7 November 2014  7 November 2014
Thanks to Lion Class for their  questions.If I had 15 wellies and needed 100, howmany more wellies would I need? If I had 10 wellies, how many pairs would I have?If a wellie rack holds 20 pairs of wellies, how many would 20 racks hold?If 17 pairs of wellies cost £20, how much would 50 pairs cost?How tall are all the wellies if they are put on top on each other?
 Maths Eyes 31 Ocotber  31 October 2014
Thanks to Zebra Class for their questionsHow many different shapes are there?
If there were 7 blocks in one tower, how many blocks would there be in 20?
How many degrees are there in each shape?
How many blocks are there?