Curriculum Aims at Thorndown Primary School


  • The young people at Thorndown Primary should embrace opportunities to celebrate difference, show compassion, work together, understand compromise and actively contribute to our community and the diverse world around them.
  • Our pupils will develop confidence and self-belief through being connected and actively involved with their own learning.
  • Our curriculum empowers all pupils to achieve by encouraging active involvement, promoting independence, resilience and risk taking.
  • We aim to develop lifelong learners with a thirst for new knowledge, who are able to be informed decision makers as they lead full and satisfying lives.
  • Pupils at Thorndown should be positive in their own identity.
  • All members of Thorndown Primary School will have pride in the quality of their achievements and strive for personnel excellence.
  • Our Curriculum gives opportunities for British values to be promoted so pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain.




 Curriculum Statements can be found below

KS1 National Curriculum KS2 National Curriculum
English Reading
English Writing
Introduction to spelling letter

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Art Computing
Design Technology (DT) Geography
History Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
Music Physical Education (PE)
Personal, Social and
Health Education (PSHE)
Religious Education (RE)
Science Policy
Science in KS1
Science in Lower KS2
Science in Upper KS2
Sex and Relationship
Education (SRE)
 Spellings at Thorndown Primary

Introductory letter
A guide to learning Spelling for Parents
Spelling Apps
Letters and Sounds – High Frequency Word checklist
Year 3 & 4 word list
Year 5 & 6 wordlist

 Curriculum Policy  Assessment at Thorndown
 Assessment Tracking System

– A guide for Parents

 Enrichment at Thorndown


The school will follow the Local Authority’s prescribed Agreed Syllabus for R.E. and the scheme of work for PSHE.


Thorndown Assessment Protocol

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Curriculum Cycle

Children in the Foundation Stage will continue to follow the EYFS curriculum

Year 1 History Topic 2019-2020 Lets play Autumn Term

Topic 2019-2020 Wings, Fins, Feathers and Tails Spring A

Topic 2019-2020 Off We Go Travelling Spring B

 Year 2  The Great Fire of London Quiz

The Great Fire of London

What a Wonderful Life

 Year 3  History – Dinosaurs

History – St Ives in Medieval times

History – Stone Age Quiz

 Year 4 History – The Egyptians

History – Egyptian Quiz

History – The Romans

History – Romans Quiz

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