Our Curriculum Aims

Curriculum Aims:


  • The young people at Thorndown Primary should embrace opportunities to celebrate difference, show compassion, work together, understand compromise and actively contribute to our community and the diverse world around them.
  • Our pupils will develop confidence and self-belief through being connected and actively involved with their own learning.
  • Our curriculum empowers all pupils to achieve by encouraging active involvement, promoting independence, resilience and risk taking.
  • We aim to develop lifelong learners with a thirst for new knowledge, who are able to be informed decision makers as they lead full and satisfying lives.
  • Pupils at Thorndown should be positive in their own identity.
  • All members of Thorndown Primary School will have pride in the quality of their achievements and strive for personnel excellence.
  • Our Curriculum gives opportunities for British values to be promoted so pupils are prepared for life in modern Britain.


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Curriculum Cycle

Children in the Foundation Stage will continue to follow the EYFS curriculum


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