Thorndown Primary School Art and Design.


Art Subject Leaders – Hilary Patrick and Laura Lally


What does Art at Thorndown look like?

We believe that Art and Design provides important opportunities for children to express themselves creatively and captures their interest within our ever- changing world. Pupils are encouraged to think imaginatively and our progressive program of study supports their development of skills, enabling them to realise their innovative ideas with increasing competence. Projects are linked to learning in other subjects and an important part of this is to learn from other expert artists and designers, who have links to the field we are studying.

Overview of study

Children will work on a variety of challenges, learning to adapt their skills accordingly for: drawing, painting, sculpture and crafts such as printing and collage. Through each unit, they will:

  • Find out about different artists and makers and develop skills to join in with discussions and formulate their own personal response
  • Develop skills appropriate to their task
  • Have opportunities to experiment with different skills and resources to create a finished piece
  • Reflect on this outcome.


Our aim is to develop independent thinkers who can work safely with materials and equipment; have a range of skills that they can apply to new learning; become self- evaluating, in order to strive for their best. Pupils have regular opportunities to have their work displayed and achievements celebrated in the classroom, the school galleries, as well as in external exhibitions, such as Hinchingbrooke Hospital.

We always look for opportunities to work on collaborative projects such as Inspire 2020 with the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cows about Cambridge and our annual entries to CAYAC (Cambridge Young Artist Competition).

Artsmark Award

Artsmark is an award given by the Arts Council in recognition of high-quality provision of arts based subjects. Having achieved our Silver award, we are now working towards Gold. This ensures that opportunities for arts experiences (Art, Music, Drama, and Creative Writing) are maximised within our curriculum. Children in the role of Artsmark Ambassadors help to achieve this, also giving them the opportunity to develop leadership skills.

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What will your child study in each Year Group?

Year Group Autumn Spring Summer
Foundation Stage Children are immersed in a rich environment, which provides opportunities to explore, experiment and play with a wide range of materials. They are shown how to safely use different tools and techniques. Children are encouraged to share and talk about their creations and how they developed them.
Year One All about Me

Drawing and mark-making


Painting and printing



Year Two Kings and Queens

Drawing and painting (including colour mixing)

Great Fire of London

Clay work  – slab work

Healthy Eating

Sketching and printing


Year Three Ancient Civilisations

Paper sculptures

Indus Valley



Painting (large scale)

Year Four Romans

Painting -pointillism

Byzantine Empire



Ink drawing

Year Five WW1

Sculpture – construction work


Painting –expressionism

Islamic Civilisation

Painting – exploring pattern and making paint


Year Six Medieval Britain –


Extreme Earth

Mixed media and printing

Ancient Greece

Coil pots

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Have a look below at the Art Gallery to see all the wonderful work that has been happening all over Thorndown

Year 1 Preparatory Work –  including sketching and colour mixing
Finished pieces
Year 2 Finding out about artists who painted queens
Colour wheel – Mixing Paint and testing colours
Experimenting with sketching and drawing skills
Finished Pieces – inspired by the Armada Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I
Year 3 Discovering the abstract art of Pablo Picasso
Preparatory sketches for mask making linked to ancient civilisations using tonal drawing and pencil skills
Finished pieces – mixed media cardboard sculptures
Colour mixing and working on a big scale – inspired by Georgia O’Keefe
Year 4 Investigating Impressionism – first Monet and then George Seurat and pointillism, during a topic on Romans
Preparatory sketches – experimenting with mark making
Finished pieces

Landscapes using pointillism techniques

Native American art – using oil pastels
Year 5 Drawing skills – including perspective drawing, tone and shading
Exploring self – linked to Islamic Civilisation

Reflecting on the work of Iranian artist Soheila Sokhanvari

Finished pieces of work – made with paint that the children made themselves, using egg yolks.
War – explored through the medium of sculpture
Year 6 Shape and from explored through pattern and shading
Preparatory sketches for a printing project
Medieval art

Makers of the era – investigating and making comparisons

Finished piece – mixed media using lamination and scratching techniques
Coil pots – part of a topic on Ancient Greece