Artsmark Gold


Thorndown has achieved an Artsmark Gold Award!

We are delighted to inform you that your setting has been awarded an Artsmark Gold Award. Congratulations!

Your Statement of Commitment and Statement of Impact have been assessed and we’re pleased to share this feedback from our assessors with you:

‘You clearly have a strong, long-term commitment to arts and culture which is having measurable effects on staff, pupils and community engagement. Your commitment to measuring the impact of your arts work is laudable. It is rare to hear a school talk about evaluation mechanisms in the Statement of Commitment (the learning from your last journey!), and this has clearly stood you in good stead for this journey and will for the next one.

All pupils can access an established range of arts and cultural provision through work with local arts and cultural organisations, both in school and on visits outside the classroom, leading to effective showcasing opportunities. There is SLT and Governor support, the Arts feature strongly in the SIP, and there is delivery of Arts Award Discover.

The work with the Fitzwilliam and ensuing work sounds great. During the pandemic, the Arts have continued for wellbeing. Your partnerships with arts organisations are clearly working, so it would have been good to hear more detail about the concrete impact these are having on curriculum development, teaching and learning. 

The development of your music curriculum is a really good example of your working practices. Your Arts Ambassadors sound like they have real voice and choice within their learning, and this reach extends across the school.  Your child-led pupils voice work, or your commitment to evaluating your approach could be good aspects to share. Congratulations, and it sounds like you have a clear plan to explore on your next journey.’

Congratulations on your Artsmark Gold Award!