Competition Run By Our Year 6 Pupils

“Hello Family and Friends of Thorndown. We have come up with a great competition idea. The competition revolves around around littering, you can make a poster on how to stop or minimise the amount of litter around the World.
You will have to do your poster on a piece of A4 paper. Your name and year will be on the back of the poster. The starting date is 7th March and the end date is the 21st March. There will be 7 winners – one from each year. It is open to children from reception to year six. There will be a prize for each winner, the prizes will be a £2 book token for the book sales that Miss Godbold does out on the playground and the opportunity for your poster to be laminated and hung up around the school.
Once you have finished your poster give it to your teacher for your teacher to pass to Miss Broadhurst to be judged.
It would be great if you participated”
A & S (pupils) from Toucans.