Cows About Cambridge Festival

On Monday 5th July, a group of our Year 5 pupils went to Cambridge to hunt for our cow.

After waiting a year, the Cows About Cambridge Festival actually happened and a group of Year 5 children went to visit and to see our Captain Moovel in her position. There are 44 incredible decorated cows altogether in the trail.

Apart from our cow, these were some of our favourites: Moomoo-o-Tron III, which was metal and had binocular eyes and carried some aliens, Honey, a nature cow with beautifully painted bees, flowers and golden honeycomb and Doodle Cow, which was covered in really interesting cow facts. There were so many others that we could have talked about too!

We had lovely time sketching and looking at the cows and buildings in Cambridge. The exhibition is on until early September, so don’t miss your chance to visit.

Captain Moovel is on the top floor outside John Lewis. It is very easy to find.