Hinchingbrooke Art Party

On Monday 2 March, some of our pupils went to Hinchingbrooke Hospital for an Art Party to design a logo for their new garden restaurant. You may have seen them in the Hunts Post recently!

There were a number of schools there who were taking part in the design party. The children were given a selection of art equipment and asked to design things that grew in their gardens.

They munched on a buffet of party food, which the children thoroughly enjoyed!

“I enjoyed the food as the cakes were cool!” Jemma

“The art was fun and so was the cake. You could put toppings on.” Aiden

We will keep you updated over the next few weeks as the winner of the design competition is decided upon. However, Thorndown’s art work is already on display in the hospital for visitors and staff to see. Keep an eye out for our work if you ever visit.