Marvellous Maths Day

On Monday 19th October, we celebrated our first Marvellous Maths Day of the new school year and children across the school, from Year 1 to Year 6, had great fun exploring the topic of measure.

Year 1 did some great investigating. It was a real puzzle to discover that large things aren’t always the heaviest!

Year 2 did lots of exciting measuring and also made compared the mass of different animals. They even made their own Top Trump cards.

Year 3 practised measuring objects in their classroom and also investigated the length of their shadows. They found the length of their shadows was affected by the position of the light source.

In Year 4 we dived into multiple measurement investigations. During the afternoon, we measured our teachers and created a scaled down model of them! Some of us chose to draw whilst others created 3D versions. We had to make sure they we accurate so we measured them in centimetres and divided their measurement by 10! We made sure the height of our models/drawings was this exact measurement by using a ruler.

Year 5 focused on measuring perimeter. They had fun outside before applying what they’d learnt to finding the perimeter of some tricky shapes inside.

Year 6 learnt about the Vitruvian Man and discovered some amazing facts about the proportions of the human body.

“Marvellous Maths Day was really fun and I found out some things that I didn’t know. I really enjoyed measuring me and my friends” – Riley L

“I noticed that the length of your forearm is roughly the same size as our foot.” – Isaac P
The measurement from outstretched finger to outstretched finger is the same as your height!” Lilly F