New, New, New Books

Finley, Summer, Theo and Toby had the exciting job of unpacking loads of new books purchased using the Bounce for Books fundraising money! We really enjoyed unboxing and stamping them before placing them on the shelves in The Discovery Suite. Although this was a long task, it was really rewarding and we enjoyed getting the first glimpse of some marvellous new books. Theo, who stamped the Year 3 books, said, “The books looked very interesting and I think the Year 3s will really enjoy them.”

“I wish I could be back in Year 4 to read these marvellous books.” (Toby)

“The books look amazing!” (Summer)

“I am amazed how brilliant the books look and I’m looking forward to reading many of them.”

We want to say a huge thank you to all the teachers who took the time to choose these wonderful books for us to read, but the biggest thank you goes to all of the people who fundraised and raised this incredible amount of money!


Theo, Summer, Finley and Toby (Year 6)