Off to a flying start with maths

With just one week back at school, children are already flying in their maths learning. The winners of our first Maths Eyes of the year were Zebra and Dolphin classes, and Sophia and Madeline proudly wore our Maths Eyes glasses in assembly.

There were some wonderful questions about  the picture of a wedding cake, including:

If each cake took two hours to make, how long would it take to make 8 cakes?

What fractions of the flags are pink?

If the circumference of the bottom layer of the cake was 58cm and the circumference of the layers decreased by 2cm each layer it went up and there were 28 layers, what would the circumference of the top layer be? James P thinks the answer to his question is 2cm. Is he right?

Every week we have a new Maths Eyes picture, which can be found on our website. Take a look and try to think of a few questions about it!