Open Classroom for Maths in Year 3 and 4

Thank you to all the parents who attended our Open Classroom event today. The morning was a great success! Parents learnt about how we teach multiplication and division with Mrs Gerrard and Mr Lemmon, had fun playing games and visited their children in classrooms to see lessons in action.

Click HERE to view the presentation on Multiplication and Division for Year 3 / 4

Click HERE to see the presentation on tips on Multiplication and Division for Year 3 / 4


We have a few Numberlink Board packs left which are available to buy at the office for £2.50 each. (These contain a Numberlink Board, white board pen and a 10-sided dice.) We will have more packs available after half term, so if they’re all gone and you’d like to make a purchase, and haven’t already requested one, please inform the office staff and we’ll let you know when they’re ready to collect. Payment can be made in the school office.