Our Garden

Our allotment is starting to produce the beginnings of its annual crops. Strawberries have been the first to be harvested and the children have been eating them at lunchtime as part of the fruit platter offered. Delicious!

Thank you as always to our caretaker, Mr Barnard, and his wife for the work and watering you do over the weekends and evenings. We’ve been very busy in the garden. We were really
fortunate to have some plants donated by Waitrose. The lovely lady called Emma then came to visit. She was excited to see the garden and she was put to good use, planting some seeds! The pond area is alive with insects, newts and flowers. It’s always exciting to spot a newt! This year we have decided to plant a bee friendly bed. It’s so important to attract pollinators. This bed will develop over the coming years.

At one end of bed three, the eagle-eyed ones amongst you may have spotted a sweet pea
wigwam. Come and sit in the middle, very carefully, and be immersed in the beautiful scent of the flowers! We are growing lots of different vegetables from the large orange pumpkins to beetroot, lettuce and potatoes. There’s nothing better than to empty a potato bag into the wheelbarrow to then discover the jewels within. We continue to welcome children
from Yr3 to Yr6 to come and enjoy this beautiful space and learn a little about the fantastic world in which we live.

Mrs Mills