Reading For Pleasure

After reading the statistic below in the summer holidays, Mrs Browne and I have been looking at ways in which we can increase the reading for pleasure that our children do throughout the school.

“The difference in reading ability between a child who reads for pleasure for 30 minutes a day and one who never reads was more than a year” OECD report ‘Reading for Change’.

The Team Leaders and their year group colleagues have created a reading list of books that they’d like pupils to have read by the time they leave their year group. The selection of these books is based on pupils’ interests, year group topics and reading ability. The school, with financial support, has bought these books for each classroom. Teachers will be encouraging pupils to read these books in school and at our weekly Reading Club, and we will be using these books as whole class readers.

I have attached the book list to this newsletter, which is already on our website, in case you are interested in reading these books at home too.

We will continue to promote reading for pleasure at different times this year, including World Book day activities in March. Look out for more details coming soon.