Reception – The Police Hunt For The Porridge Thief

Foundation Stage have discovered that someone has been taking breakfast cereal from the Three Bears Cottage in their joint classroom area.

The Three Bears Cottage was broken into and there was a huge mess. They found some clues: porridge on the floor, some golden hair and a red ribbon. We thought these clues indicated that the culprit might be Goldilocks!

Foundation Stage then received a letter from the police letting the classes know that they are aware of our crime and asking for their help.

So, on October 10th, PC Bacon came to talk to Foundation Stage about the crime and his role as a police officer. They learnt that one of the main roles of a police officer is to help people. They also learnt that, if we ever get lost, the police can help us. He showed them some of his equipment including: notepad and pen, walkie-talkie and baton. He also bought his police van; they went inside and even tried out the sirens!
Thank you PC Bacon for your help and visit.