Sensational Scientific opportunities

National Science and Engineering week is taking place between 9 and 22 March 2015.   Organised by the British Science Association across the UK, our nearest location is based close by in Cambridge.  It is an exciting opportunity to discover, question and take part in scientific activities at some interesting venues.  The event has a whole host of exciting topics, from talks to hands-on activities that I’m sure will have something for everyone, whatever your age and interests!  (And the great thing is, most things are free! Some do need to be booked though.)  This years’ theme for the festival is titled ‘Light and Light based Technologies’.    The website has full and comprehensive details about the whole programme of events, accessibility etc and can be found at:

During this period, children at Thorndown will be writing Scientific riddles linked to their Science learning in class.  We hope to be sharing some of these during the normal Friday Assembly for pupils and publish a few examples in the Newsletter for parents to share.  Keep a look out for them.  I’m sure some will make even us adults scratching our heads!