Sports Day


During the week beginning 21st June, each year group bubble ran their own mini sports events, which incorporated many of our usual Sports Day events. Again, I am so sorry that you and your families couldn’t attend this year, but I have already pencilled Sports Day for all in next year’s school diary when, hopefully, life will be “normal” again.

Below are a few of the year groups’ thoughts and pictures.

Finley in Year 6 said, “The reason that I enjoyed Sports Day is because everyone was encouraging others to go on and to have fun.  The mini game I enjoyed the most has got to be the penalty shootout because it’s a bit of a mind game but also an aim game.  I quite enjoyed the Vortex Throw because the sound it makes when it flies through the air is very satisfying”

Year 1 said:

We have had the best morning! Sports Day was so much fun. Owls, Puffins and Camels all worked together, taking part in lots of different events including a relay, target throwing, hurdles and an obstacle course. Of course, we finished with a running race where the children were so excited to cheer for each other. They were very enthusiastic and all so keen to join in. We were incredibly proud of them all!                                                              Mrs Browne

“It has been fun!” Edith

“I liked the tunnel on the obstacle course.” Archie

“I liked getting my trophy sticker.” Dua


One of the children in Foundation Stage said, “I loved sports Day, I didn’t want it to finish.”

Another child said, “I won the race!”


Year 3 said:

We had a great time, everyone ran very fast and it wasn’t too hot!