Year 4 meet Horrid Henry author

Our trip to see Francesca Simon, author of the Horrid Henry books, was great and all the children loved it. 

At 8:15am, we were on the coach and ready to go to Cambridge. When we arrived at Cambridge’s Lady Mitchell Hall, there were lots of benches. We say on the first, second and third benches because we were the first people there. After we say down, lots of other schools came into the hall. Then Francesca Simon told us about herself. 

After she told us about herself, she read a book to us called Horrid Henry and the Zombie Invasion. When she was reading the book, she put a lot of expression into her voice and it was very scary. It was great when she read the book!  

After she read us the book, she gave us some tips on writing:

  • ·         Always finish the story.
  • ·         Remember your chapters.
  • ·         Use pictures for children’s books.
  • ·         Make up funny names for characters.
  • ·         You could just split a normal person and turn it into two characters.

Francesca Simon inspired a lot of people to become an author when they are older. All the Year 4’s loved our trip!

By Pippa Outlaw and Ellie Wibberley