Young Voices At The 02.

May 4th 2022 – Young Voices Trip: 

When we arrived at the O2, we went into the arena and it was amazing! At around 3pm, we practised all the songs including the medleys. We sang: Fortuna, Lion King Medley, Sing From Your Heart, Mambo Italiano, Lovely Day, The Living Years, The Beatles Medley, The Muppets Medley, Power In Me and The Pop Medley. After the practice, we had a break and the main event started at 7pm.

At the beginning of the show, there was a blackout. During the blackout, everyone shone their torch, then the music began. We had lots of lovely guests! The first were The Urban Striders who helped us with our actions and then did a couple dances by themselves. Then a lovely singer called Ru – she came to the O2 in 2007 – she sang two amazing songs. The Beatbox Collectives were next. They were amazing at beat boxing and they could make some amazing sounds; there was one girl who sang two songs and we joined in with this. It was an amazing event and we are very thankful Mrs Peach, Mrs Farrington and the other adults who took us all!