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Becoming a teacher with Thorndown Primary School


ITE Lead: Miss Emily Broadhurst

If you are considering joining the teaching profession and are looking for a training programme that will support, guide and challenge you to be the best you can be, you are most certainly in the right place. Thorndown Primary School, alongside the University of Bedfordshire, is the best choice for any graduate who wants to make a difference to the life chances and education of a range of children; inspire young learners to reach their potential; challenge and guide all students and prompt natural curiosity meaning that every child is given the support and tools in their early education to become life-long learners. It is also vitally important to us that we  ensure each trainee is given personalised support, training and guidance that will guide them along the path to be a successful and committed teacher for many years to come.


With the support network and individual training plans we have in place, our trainees will be enthusiastic, ambitious, committed, reflective and above all willing to make a difference to all learners in their care. Throughout the training course, a number of professional development opportunities will be provided, ensuring that every single trainee will have their ‘finger on the pulse’ with the latest educational initiatives and be able to provide a high quality teaching and learning environment for their very first class and beyond.


As a Lead Partner provider, Thorndown Primary School works closely with a large number of primary schools in the Huntingdonshire area and we continue to develop links with other primary providers in Cambridgeshire. These schools comprise of a range of contexts, including both village and town settings, which are varied in size meaning that you will have the opportunity to really get ‘a feel’ for the right type of school for you and have a truly rounded training experience.


Our children underpin everything that we do. Providing a creative, cross-curricular curriculum, our staff and pupils are motivated, keen and inquisitive. Alongside this, we provide comprehensive pastoral care and an understanding and nurturing environment that embraces every child’s individual qualities. All our staff are exceptionally skilled and passionate practitioners and professional development and support of staff is a key part of our school ethos.


Why train with us?

Our trainees make our programme what it is. Don’t just take our word for it, here’s a first hand account of why you should train with us from two of our most recent trainees!

‘At the beginning of my training year with Thorndown and the University of Bedfordshire, I was very nervous about being on placement as I had never worked in a school before and did not know what to expect.  I can honestly say I loved it! I was so supported by the staff on my placements and the whole team at Thorndown, and developed close friendships with the other trainees. I was instantly made to feel like such a valuable part of the team and was able to ask questions and gain experiences that shaped me as the teacher I have become today. I was given opportunities to put the foundation of pedagogy into placement and given the freedom to explore ways which worked for me in the classroom – both things I still use to this day but also things which were not as successful! I worked alongside my mentor to create achievable yet challenging goals which encouraged me to become the best practitioner I could be. I can’t thank Thorndown enough for their support, advice and care during my teacher training year and I am excited to embark on my next journey as a class teacher. ‘

“I trained at Thorndown Primary School, through the Lead Partner route with the University of Bedfordshire.  At the beginning of my training year, I was apprehensive about training in Year 1 due to not having any experience in this key stage; however, I quickly learned that this was a requirement of the course and great for my professional development.  I ended up LOVING it! I was provided with an extensive amount of support from the whole team at Thorndown, and from the very beginning I was instantly included as part of the team.  I went into my teacher training year with a very open mind.  Doing this allowed me to expand upon my existing capabilities as a teacher but also challenge those existing skills whilst it also provided me with the opportunity to underpin a secure foundation for pedagogy.  Having a close-knit support network is crucial for ensuring that you are where you need to be in regard to your professional development and personal wellbeing.  I was able to see how far I had come and how hard I worked during my training year when I opened the doors to my very first classroom at Thorndown Primary School.  I am proud to have trained here, and even prouder to be a class teacher here.” 


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If you are considering a career in teaching and wanted to gain some experience in school before making the leap, please contact us – we would LOVE to host you!